which ones to practice and their benefits

Longer days and milder temperatures allow us to spend more time away from home, so why not take the opportunity to do some physical activity?

Sport serves to entertain us and regain physical shape and with the arrival of summer we can finally practice our favorite outdoor activity. Each has a series of advantages, the important thing is to do it safely.

Why do outdoor sports

The body benefits from the sport, but it is important to consider that if you practice outside, even on a psychological level, you have a feeling of serenity. Some of the main benefits include:

  • Greater socialization: you can train in a group, with friends and share an activity with them
  • Discovery of new places: running or cycling allows you to discover parts of the city that you have never visited
  • It reduces stress: after a day of work, playing sports outdoors releases endorphins, hormones that transmit a feeling of well-being
  • Improve rest: playing sports outdoors is influenced by weather and climate, so training when there is still light affects sleep-wake mechanisms and improves the quality of rest

Which sport to choose

There are many activities to do outdoors, to train properly and avoid possible injuries, you always need to have the right clothes.


This sport requires a constant commitment to obtain results, but it has a positive impact on the body from the first sessions because running reduces stress. If you decide to practice it in summer, it is important to wear suitable shoes, breathable shirts and long and short pants

Running shoes to stay in shape in the spring


The bicycles it is versatile because in addition to being a means of transport, it allows you to get back in shape by training several muscle groups at the same time, but preserving the joints. To become an expert cyclist, in addition to cycling, it is important to have a helmet and shoes suitable for the pedals.

City bike: the models for leisurely strolling around town


The simplest activity turns into a sport if it is practiced regularly and at a sustained pace for about 20 minutes a day. Walking shoes and comfortable clothes will allow us to travel long distances to discover the city.


Increasingly popular, it is not uncommon to find public basketball courts in the city. All that remains is to take the ball, choose the most suitable shoes and meet up with friends to spend hours of joy.


If we prefer the volleyball, so spring is ideal for organizing a challenge with our friends. Also in this case there is no shortage of courts in the city and if we live in a seaside resort, beach volleyball on the beach is a must. All you need is a ball and the fun is guaranteed.

Take care

When you exercise, many minerals are lost through sweating, so it is advisable to drink during training, especially if the climate is mild. To give us an extra hand, come supplements which will make us feel full of energy.

Running supplements, the right products to always have plenty of energy


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