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Fourth dose coming? Yes, but not for everyone. After the approval of the EMA and the ECDC on the fourth dose of the anti-Covid-19 vaccine (second booster) for over 80s, in a joint note the Ministry of Health, the Italian Medicines Agency ( Aifa), the Higher Institute of Health (Iss) and the Higher Health Council (Css) have indicated mode of administration for Italy.

The fourth dose (or second booster) will be programmed for people who have reached or exceeded the age of 80, for RSA customers and for those included in the risk categories and who are between 60 and 79 years old.

The surge in infections has prompted European governments to question the possibility of a fourth dose of the Covid vaccine. Italy follows the indications of the Ema and Ecdc working group and extends the fourth dose. Let’s go into detail.

The fourth dose arrives in Italy, who is it for

In Italy, the fourth dose of the Covid-19 vaccine will be scheduled”for people who have completed or passed the 80 years oldfor the RSA guests and for those who are included in the risk categories and aged between 60 and 79“.

The mode of administration of the second booster is indicated by a joint note from the Ministry of Health, Aifa, Iss and Css. The indications come after the approval of the Ema and the Ecdc at the fourth dose for the over 80s. And following the meeting of the Technical Scientific Commission (Cts) and Aifa.

The note says: “It is recommended to administer a second booster dose (second booster) with the Covid mRna vaccine at the dosages authorized for the booster dose, provided that a certain period of time has elapsed. minimum interval of at least 120 days from the first booster dose“.

At the moment, the indication does not apply “subjects who acquired Sars-CoV-2 infection after the first booster dose“.

Indications of Ema and Ecdc

A few days ago they arrived indications from the Covid-19 task force of Ecdc and Ema concerning the extension of the fourth dose of the vaccine. Here is what we read in the text:For adults under 60 with a normal immune system, there is currently no conclusive evidence that the protection of the Covid vaccine against serious illness diminishes or that there is added value in a fourth dose.“.

For the two agencies, there is therefore no question of extending the second reminder to the entire population. Corn both authorities have given the green light for adults aged 80 or over.

ECDC and EMA Covid Task Force (ETF) – the press release continues – they concluded that it is too early to consider using a fourth dose of Pfizer’s Comirnaty* and Moderna’s Spikevax* vaccines in the general population. However, the two agencies have agreed that a fourth dose (or second booster) can be given to adults 80 years and older after examining the data on the highest risk of severe Covid in this age group and on the protection provided by a fourth dose“.

Therefore, the ECDC and the EMA gave theok for the extension of the fourth dose of the anti-Covid vaccine to over 80s.

The epidemiological situation in Italy

In Italy, the virus has resumed its course. In yesterday’s bulletin, Friday 8 April, new cases within 24 hours were 66,535. The victims are 144.

The number of people who have contracted the Sars-CoV-2 virus (including cured and deceased) since the start of the epidemic is 15,173,707. the total number of deaths has risen to 160,546 since February 2020.

Currently I am currently positive – that is to say the subjects who have the virus – 1,249,607 ago.

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