winning trio for the “first” of the Innovation Run

The running event was presented at the Kilometro Innovation District, the first edition of which is scheduled for Sunday April 10 just outside Bergamo.

Raise your hand (not from the steering wheel, better not …) who – while driving on the A4 motorway – never noticed the imposing structure of the Red Kilometer, at the gates of Bergamo. Maybe he was wondering what it was. For the more curious – but especially for the more sporty – Sunday 10 April Confindustria Bergamo and a pool of companies they offer the opportunity to discover what is hidden behind this dark red wall. And they do it in the form of about ten kilometers FIDAL approved which takes place over three laps of a ring that – had never happened before – gives non-experts the opportunity to run at a pace to experience the Kilometro Rosso Innovation District Science Park.

On the technical side, Innovation Run is a very fast “ten thousand”, which therefore offers all competing athletes (and not only top runners) the opportunity to achieve their best performance over this classic distance. They aim for victory among other things Marco Salami, Rene Cuneaz, Stefano La Rosa and the reigning Italian marathon champion, Sicily-Bergamo Antonino Lollo. In the women’s event, the name stands out above all Giovanna Epis, holder of the fifth best Italian time of all time “in the marathon.

Four entrepreneurial realities drive the Innovation Run project. It’s about Confindustria Bergamo, Cisalfa Sport, Cornali Gioiellerie and Lodauto united with Kilometro Rosso by a strong dynamic of innovation, attention to the territory and the sharing with civil society of initiatives in the field of research, culture and sport. It is no coincidence that the location chosen for the run is precisely the campus for scientific and technological innovation, leader in Europe and able to integrate the ideas of subjects with different skills, in multiple fields, developing research and technology.

The event is registered on the official FIDAL calendar and the course has already been validated by the federal technicians. Too Gelindo Bordin, Seoul Olympic marathon champion in 1988, now manager of Diadora, has been viewing the track for the past few weeks. In short, all the conditions are in place for an excellent race. You can book your bib on In the race pack, an exclusive Diadora technical jersey.

The race for innovation was presented on Tuesday March 29 at the Kilometro Rosso, in the new headquarters of Confindustria Bergamo. In the dual role of speaker and presenter, the President of Fidal Lombardia Gianni Mauri held the reins of the press conference, expressing the interest and full support of the Italian Athletics Federation for the event.

Here are some of the most significant speeches from the conference. He did the honors of the house Roberto Marelli (Kilometro Rosso Campus Development Director):

“Innovation Run represents for us a small ‘pop revolution’. For the first time, our campus is opening up to a new public who will have the opportunity to know their spaces and animate them with the energy of a sport in which the individual measures himself with himself and with others and the strength of the spirit plays a fundamental role. In many ways, a mechanism similar to where we generate innovation. A science park being a complex and difficult object to understand, I wanted open the campus to an initiative that would bring it closer to non-professionals and a competitive sporting event was the right project. This will be the start of a path made up of an annual event supplemented by pre- and post-race trainingto build a community of… innovative athletes”.

Matteo Vavassori (President of Young Entrepreneurs of Confindustria Bergamo):

“Sport and business share common values ​​of commitment and healthy competition. This is also why we enthusiastically support the launch of an unprecedented competitive challenge, which allows us to underline our action on the territory for the promotion of a correct way of life, of which sport has always been an integral part. Attention to the community and social responsibility are part of the DNA of Confindustria Bergamo. As young entrepreneurs, we are committed to the Whp project for the workplace health promotionwhich has achieved important objectives thanks also to the business network created “.

Lara Magoni (silver medal in special slalom at the 1997 Sestriere Alpine Skiing World Championships, regional adviser for tourism, territorial marketing and fashion as well as delegate of Coni Bergamo):

“As a native of Bergamo, I’m really proud that Kilometro Rosso, the innovation hub par excellence at European level, to open the doors of sport. The Innovation Run is an extraordinary initiative and I can say that it embodies the spirit that has always guided me in my sporting career: looking beyond, combining know-how, craftsmanship, creativity and innovation. This is why I am particularly happy that such important institutions, associations and partners have decided to embrace an event of this magnitude”.

Gelindo Bordin (1988 Seoul Olympics gold medalist in the marathon, currently sports marketing director and Diadora category leader):

“The technical sponsor of the race is Diadora, a famous Italian sports brand which has written some of the most exciting pages in the history of sport for over seventy years. making Italian performance, quality, design and style the key values ​​of its sporting goods and lifestyle. Today, Diadora is present in more than sixty countries around the world and continues to expand through a wide range of cutting-edge products focused on sports performance lines – with a particular focus on running, football and tennis – and lifestyle, with the high-end Heritage collection and the Sportswear line, a modern mix of streetwear and sports DNA. We immediately felt close to the Innovation Run concept, a competitive race that celebrates Italian excellence in innovation. Diadora is in fact constantly projected into the find technologically advanced solutions, at the service of the best operating performance. Like for example Atomo, the first performance running shoe made in Italy for more than thirty years, which combines lightness and responsiveness in a truly innovative way. Or Blushield, a technology that ensures maximum correction of asymmetry in the race “.

Race for innovation is an event created by Map Comunicazione. The project leaders are: Confindustria Bergamo, Cisalfa Sport, Cornali Gioiellerie and Lodauto. Technical sponsors Diadora and Pubbliarea. Location hosting the Kilometro Rosso Innovation District. In collaboration with Atletica Stezzano ASD.


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