Wired Health tells how digital is transforming the world of health

Rather, the territoriality and centrality of people will be at the heart of the interventions of Luca Puccionifounder and CEO of MioDottore, as he speaks about the role of design for the future of healthcare Sumita Singha, director of ecological architects. We’ll talk with you about innovation to improve quality of life and address unmet patient needs Fabrice CaranciExecutive Director Global Digital Medicines of Angelini Pharma, with the CEO of Cerba HealthCare Stefano Massarowith Noemie PorrelloReal World Evidence Leader, Roche Italia, ed. Ennio Tasciotti, scientist and director of the human longevity program at IRCCS San Raffaele in Rome. The President and CEO of MSD Italia will also speak Nicoletta Luppithe general manager of Retelit Federico Protothe Director General of Agenas (National Agency for Regional Health Services) Domenico MantoanNational Head of Vree Health at MSD Matteo MoscatelliUndersecretary of State at the Ministry of Health Andrea Costathe general manager of ASL Roma2 Giorgio Casatithe head of the medical informatics laboratory of the Mario Negri Institute Eugenio Santoro and Vice President of Customer and Digital Strategy for Janssen EMEA Maria Rad.

Wired Health is at the same time a networking opportunity, and in the exhibition space it will be possible throughout the duration of the event to touch and try innovative health devices, solutions and products. Humanity will combine its vision of the future of health with demonstrative and participative activities in the field of cardiac resuscitation and endoscopy, while other innovative solutions will be presented to the public by Retelit, Cerba Health Care, rock And Vree Health. In addition, there will be a way to see the rescue systems developed by the Turin startup AorticLab for people with severe aortic stenosis, protecting against cerebral and peripheral risks, but also the predictive diagnostic and treatment solutions based on artificial intelligence offered by DeepTrace Technologiesas well as the organ-on-chip growth tool created by the Genoese React4Life. In addition, the robot for neurorehabilitation of the upper limbs usable inside and outside the hospital proposed by Heaxelwearable technology Iuvowhich includes a passive exoskeleton that supports the back muscles, and the hybrid helmet does that Artisan has created to offer doctors and surgeons a 3D holographic platform for procedural support even remotely.

Wired Health it is an event with free participation on registration at this link, so it will be

live streaming on Wired.it and on dedicated social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter).

Wired Health, with the patronage of the Municipality of Milan, is also made possible thanks to the support of certain partners:

Scientific partner: Humanitas;

Main partner: Angelini Pharma, Cerba HealthCare, Generali, Gilead Sciences, Janssen Italia, MioDottore, MSD, Roche, Vree Health;

Partners: Philips, Retelit;

Networking partner: HealthTech Europe;

Food partner: Fooderapy;


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