With the ketogenic diet, fats become health allies

Thursday, April 14, 2022 – 6:33 PM

With the ketogenic diet, fats become health allies

The fats, protagonists of the ketogenic diet, in addition to making you lose weight, are extremely beneficial for your health

Rome, April 14 – It is now well known: the ketogenic diet, in addition to being beneficial for the silhouette, also represents, with adequate medical support, an effective therapeutic tool to fight against various pathologies.

Studies and research, more and more numerous, show that the fats, at the base of the ketogenic diet, constitute a fundamental nutrient for the organism; essential for the proper metabolism of vitamins and minerals which otherwise would not be assimilated. In other words, calcium is absorbed correctly only in the presence of saturated fats, which is why osteoporosis appears easily in people who have practiced low-calorie diets for a long time. Many vitamins are fat-soluble, such as A, D, E, that is, they need fats to perform their beneficial functions in the body, first of all the antioxidant, essential to protect cells free radicals.

Clearly, fats are not all the same, so they are assimilated differently by the body. They are divided into fats: saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated (according to the hydrogen atoms); and, depending on their length: short, medium or long chain (depending on the number of carbon atoms that compose them). Typically, they come in the form of triglycerides, which are three fatty acids joined by a glycerol molecule.

For years, saturated fats have been demonized, in favor of plant-based polyunsaturated fats, which are the most abundant in the diet. However, an excess of polyunsaturated fats can be harmful to the body because, easily subject to oxidation, they can promote the increase of free radicals. On the contrary, other fats, especially saturated fats, have many beneficial actions for the body. They are an excellent source of energy; they have enormous satiating power; they are essential for tissue growth and repair, as well as bone health; they fight the action of free radicals; they are essential for the balance of the intestinal microbiota; they provide energy to the heart and contribute to the proper functioning of the lungs and liver.

Among the saturated fats, the medium chain ones, the MCTs, discovered in the 1970s, are extremely beneficial for the body and functional on the ketogenic diet. In fact, MCT fats, such as coconut oil, have a very high oxidation point and are quickly converted into ketones. In addition, coconut oil, thanks to the lauric acid it contains, has a powerful antibacterial and antimutagenic effect.

“Today scientific research shows that weight loss is no longer just an aesthetic issue but an essential condition for the health of the body.” Said Fabrizio Mellone, founder of LightFlow. “In this regard, a growing number of experts support the benefits of ketogenic nutrition, not only as a weight loss diet but also as a tool to implement or restore one’s health.” “The ketogenic, counteracting the action of free radicals, has anti-aging properties, as well as anti-inflammatory.” “In addition, continues Mellone, thanks to healthy fats, it restores the balance of the intestinal microbiota and especially hormones. For example, it has been shown that a ketogenic diet, by lowering the level of insulin, whose fluctuations cause innumerable alterations, restores the level of HGH, the growth hormone, essential for: reducing the factors of cardiovascular risk; promote lipolysis; strengthen the immune system; improve memory; increase bone density and mineralization; to name just a few functions. In addition, several studies have shown that ketogenic nutrition is also recommended in the presence of diseases of the reproductive system, such as polycystic ovary syndrome and endometriosis. »

“Of course – continued Fabrizio Mellone – maintaining a ketogenic diet for long periods of time can be difficult, not so much physically, but mentally and socially; since it involves many derogations.” “So, precisely for to give a growing number of people the opportunity to stay in shape, take care of their health, prevent the onset of pathologies, in LightFlow, after years of study and scientific research, we have developed Carbolight. complete range of products, based on valuable fibers, very low in carbohydrates (maximum 5g per 100 of product), with a balanced intake of good fats and isolated lupine proteins.Carbolight is a range of products that I can define as revolutionary because it allows people to stay or regain health and fitness, without changing their habits. Obviously, precisely because it is something absolutely new and we want to We always meet the public, we have made available to users an online telemedicine service, thanks to which it is possible to be followed by an expert nutritionist, almost free of charge, to structure a personalized diet plan, ketogenic or low carb , with Carbolight products. »


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