Work creates health – Collective

Doctors, nurses, health workers and workers. But also cleaners, cooks, sanitary workers and cleaners will be the protagonists of the initiative organized by Cgil and Fp Cgil, opened by Rossana Dettori and concluded by Maurizio Landini. Live on from 10

The well-being of the population, not only the care, is only possible thanks to work of operators and health workers, and more. It also depends on the activity of the men and women who take care of maintenance, sanitation and cleaning, meal preparation. To give the sense of initiative are the Articles 1 and 32 of the Constitution which must necessarily walk together. It is not possible to guarantee to all citizens the right to health, which is not only access to care, even if it would already be a lot, without the work of men and women. So to talk about the right to health we have to talk about work, with what rights, with what rules, with what salary.

According to CGIL and FP CGIL, the organizers of the conference held in Rome on March 4 in an emblematic place such as the Aula Magna of the George Eastman Hospital, the only public concerned with the health of the mouth and teeth, “it is above all necessary to prepare a plan for good and full employment. In hospitals, in local services, in polyclinics, there is a lack of staff to cover the staff shortages accumulated for more than 10 years of blocking turnover and capping staff costs. There is a lack of staff to meet the needs of citizens, starting with the elimination of waiting lists which were already unbearably long before the Covid and with the pandemic they have become even longer. There is a lack of staff to operate local services, from the Sert to those of mental health, including the consultants essential for prevention and treatment”.

And two other real emergencies must also be addressed: on the one hand precariousness widespread in the sector, on the other hand the multiplicity of contracts that characterize working relationships within the same hospital department. That of public employment, that of cooperatives, that of the self-employed, perhaps even that of entrepreneurs.

And if it is true that it is work that builds health, then – this is the warning that comes from the FP and the CGIL – we must shine a strong light on Pnrr. Missions 5 and 6 describe and plan what should be the structures and health services of the near future. Good, but the risk of infrastructure remaining empty or almost empty is very high, starting with those planned for local health. Provision must be made for the personnel resources that these services and structures will have to support. Public services and structures because – as Corso d’Italia reminds us – article 32 is clear: the health is a right of citizenship and as such it must be guaranteed by public and universal health service.

The appointment is for 10 a.m. live on The initiative will be opened with the greetings of the General Director of the Policlinico Umberto I (on which the Eastman ed Hospital depends) Fabrice d’Alba. He will introduce the discussion Rossana Dettori, national secretary of the CGIL. After her, the operators and operators of the various health professions, the maintenance and supply agents will take the floor, Nerina DirindinPresident of the Fundamental Health Law Association; Maria Grazia Giannichedda, President of the Basaglia Foundation. The meeting will end Maurizio Landinisecretary general of the CGIL

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