World sport at the Palazzo Vecchio for the 100th anniversary of Artemio Franchi – Cronaca

He united the generations, succeeding in bringing everyone together. The politicians, the footballers, the millions of coaches in Italy who regularly teach football when the national team steps onto the pitch. Artemio Franchi was a great: only a great can, in the region of bell towers, ensure that Florence and Siena have the stadium of the same name. His.

And it was so good that at the last event in his honor, a hundred years after his birth, everyone showed up at the Palazzo Vecchio. If FIFA President Gianni Infantino also bothered – vote 9 because unlike many others in his role he doesn’t speak banality and is also nice – it means that then Artemio Franchi really was the greatest manager in Italian football . And not only.

Former federal presidents like Giancarlo Abete, Franco Carraro, Antonio Matarrese (vote 8 because he doesn’t shout it, but he still benefits from the rise in Serie B of his Bari), Luciano Nizzola, Carlo Tavecchio (in the version ” It wasn’t just my fault”, after the Italy flop).

There were Artemio’s children, Francesco and Giovanna, who remembered the greatness and humility of their father, Italy coach Roberto Mancini (connected remotely), a champion like Valentina Vezzali (today under-secretary for sports) and a champion like the referee Pierluigi Collina who if you make him understand that you would like to try to talk about the Var observes you while watching Repka in the Netherlands-Czech Republic (European Championships 2000 ). The president of the Italian Football Federation Gabriele Gravina was not present but wanted to intervene by defining Franchi “the man who gave the global dimension to Italian football, lifting it after the disappointment of the English World Cup in 1966 (the infamous elimination following the loss to North Korean amateurs). For Collina, Artemio Franchi was a person “who knew how to anticipate the times”.

President Infantino repeatedly praised the figure of Franchi and during his speech also touched on other topics, such as the virtual embrace of Sinisa Mihajlovic and Louis Vaan Gaal, both struggling with health issues.

And he recalled the figure of Paolo Rossi, forcefully asking “the name of the Olympic stadium in Rome for this champion”, a concept also taken up by Valentina Vezzali, who announced “a meeting with his wife”, Federica, from Pablito for to turn words into facts.

The concrete, as Franchi would have liked. It is therefore better to rule out with a “let’s be serious…” the possibility of a repechage of Italy at the World Cup in Qatar, which has the same success percentages as Tanque Silvia had of becoming top scorer with the shirt from Fiorentina. Concreteness and perspective, as when thinking of the new Franchi stadium in Florence, a concept sponsored on several occasions by the President of the Tuscany Region Eugenio Giani and by the Mayor Dario Nardella who took advantage of the greatness of the event to make a proposal: the Florence stadium could become a “permanent” headquarters of the Italian national team, on the model of Wembley in London. Artemio Franchi, of course, would have appreciated.

Niccolò Gramigni

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