You don’t play with food… but with wine, yes

Preserves and wines
They seemed out of fashion, yet “party” and “society” games have recently met with a resurgence in fortune, making a comeback thanks to the ability to intercept the interests of an increasingly charm-conscious audience. of everything related to gastronomy and wine and, in particular, the culture of wine, transforming the excellence of wine into a luxury within everyone’s reach.

Discovering the universe of Bacchus
From strategy games to blindfold tasting games, from quizzes to educational puzzles, the possibilities for wine-focused fun are endless. But all combine pleasure and discovery in a real journey through vineyards and cellars, alone or in company, without leaving home. Between geography of the vine, vintages, history, relationship to art and science, anecdotes and famous people, the main ingredient is always curiosity, which allows you to have fun and at the same time to learn something new. new on grapes, labels, glasses, etiquette and captions.

There is something for everyone
The entertainment ideas based on the particular form of wine-centric culture are truly endless. For budding sommeliers or for those who panic in front of the restaurant’s wine list, the ideal are the tasting games (“Winerd”, “From Vines to Wines”, “All You Need Is Wine”, “Sommify “), which help to refine the palate, through the blind tasting of different wines and the acquisition of the fundamental skills to recognize them and combine them with dishes, without the ceremonial of tastings reserved for experts in the sector. While those who dream of running a successful winery can test themselves with management strategy games (such as “Wine Wars”, “Wine Race Game” and “Vinhos”), which temporarily put themselves in the shoes of a winery. a wine estate manager. imagine running a real business related to wine production, learning as much as possible about the life cycle of the vine and all stages of winemaking (pressing, fermentation, aging and bottling).

The whole world in the glass
The fashion for food and wine tourism has inspired ad hoc games for those who want to take a trip through the most renowned vineyards and wineries in Italy. A must: the Tuscan hills, also very popular with foreigners, both in reality and in a playful version, so much so that the American Stonemaier Games, after the launch of the “Viticulture” card game, “Tuscany”, the version featuring in the most popular places on tour of our local wine tourism. Of course, there is no shortage of games that also look beyond national borders, not only because they are available in French, English, Spanish, Portuguese and German (like “Trivial Pursuit! Edition Des Vins”, “Vino! Le exciting game of wine”, “Wine IQ”, “Wine Smarts” and others), but also because they take place in some of the most famous wine countries in the world, from France to Spain, to the United States States and South Africa (“The great wine game” created by Lisciani, “The Wine Game” and the dedicated version of the famous “Wine” quiz, Trivial Chianti, created by Giochi Briosi and also available in a social version on the Facebook platform).

Even the classics are renewed in an “alcoholic” touch
Alongside the new generation pastimes dedicated to wine, there are also “thematic” reissues of great classics such as Monopoli and Risiko, which for the occasion are transformed into “Wineopoly” and “Drinkopoly”, strategy games whose aim is to beat the competition of opponents by venturing into the art of viticulture. Instead of the partnership between Winning Moves and Last November was born “Monopoly Buonissimo”, which also extends the game to emblematic dishes and to the recipes of the tables of the Belpaese.

Tasteful mosaics…
An ideal pastime for those with patience are educational puzzles that, piece by piece, teach in an original way how to place wines, vineyards and appellations in the correct geographical areas of production. Those produced by “Water & Wines” deserve a special mention, because this Swedish company, founded in 2020 and run by two young female sommeliers, combines a passion for wine and respect for the environment. In fact, in addition to respecting the strictest ecological standards and using recyclable materials to manufacture both the games and the packaging, Water & Wines has made a commitment, for each item sold, to plant a tree and make a donation to improve access to drinking water in the world. in parts of the world where it is still a luxury.

Even the little ones They can participate
Those who are too young to really have a drink can still learn about wine and the culture that revolves around its production, thanks to proposals specially designed to introduce children and young people to the world of labels and excellence. of viticulture. An example is “Quiz Chef Vini”, the “oenological” version of the previous “Quiz Chef Junior”, designed by Silvano Sorrentino and reserved for those over 14 years old, with the aim of involving them in a fundamental aspect of their culture and, at the same time, encourage them to adopt a responsible approach to wine.

From barrel to virtual reality
Just as it has happened for other Italian sectors of excellence (for example football), the culture of wine could not fail to arrive in the digital world. Or rather: video games have not resisted the attraction of transporting wine production into the virtual dimension. Thus was born the first management and simulation video game on wine production: “Hundred Days – Winemaking Simulator”, launched in 2021 by the independent Italian studio Broken Arms Games from Alessandria (Piedmont). Everything revolves around wine, including the title: in Italian “One Hundred Days” refers to the time the vine takes to complete its life cycle (from flowering to ripening of the grapes). The same goes for the scenarios, imaginary but evocative of the typical landscapes of Italian viticulture and beyond (from the Langhe to the Napa Valley, to South Africa), in which players must manage all aspects of wine production, challenging each other in skills to correctly approach all stages of winery management (selection of vines, cultivation, vinification, maturing, bottling and marketing).

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