Your face can reveal valuable information about your health

The eyes are the window to the soul, but the face, features and complexion offer a lot of information about your health

  • Certain facial features can reveal important clues about a person’s health
  • “You can tell a lot about a person’s lifestyle from their face, including what they eat and how much they smoke or drink”explained dermatologist Tabi Leslie
  • Just watch out for wrinkles
  • But also to complexion and complexion
  • With excess hair
  • Hydration of the skin and presence of any moles

the magnetic resonances and the x-rays they are used by doctors around the world to diagnose all types of ailments and diseases. But have you ever thought of what methods have been used in past centuries for a rapid diagnosis? In the past, people used to identify symptoms early using the face as the main source of disease detection.

In effect, certain facial features can reveal important clues to understanding a person’s health status. “You can tell a lot about a person’s lifestyle from their face, including what they eat and how much they smoke or drink”explained the dermatologist Tabi Leslie. So this is it the health information we can acquire just by looking at a person’s face.


the wrinkles on the face they can represent various conditions, especially those horizontal. These are also called “stress wrinkles“, which means that – in all likelihood – those with a similar feature on the face are going through a period of great tension. These wrinkles are also an indication of a bad nutritionbecause they are directly related to the stomach health. If you consume more Sugars And fat in the diet they are more likely to appear.

You can tell what caused a wrinkle just by looking at ithe said Chris Griffithsprofessor of dermatology and expert on aging: “Fine, wrinkled wrinkles form with age, but the large and deep wrinkles tend to be caused by the sun.


to many people with pale skin it is recommended to undergo a anemia control. However, this question may require a little more attention. If the pallor is localizedi.e. it is most noticeable on a particular part of the body such as the face or a limb, it is recommended to consult your doctor immediately. This could be due to a reduced blood flowlow levels of oxygen in the body or a reduction in the number of red blood cells.

Pallor can also be caused by environmental factors as the lack of sun exposureor a very low blood pressure. “Even slight changes can indicate that something is wrong. Pallor could be a sign of anemia. A yellow tone could indicate liver disease. A bluish tint in the lips or on the fingernails could indicate a heart disease or pulmonarythe doctor said Mallika Marshallfrom Massachusetts General Hospital.

In March 2012, researchers from theUniversity of St Andrews published research showing that eating just three servings of fruits and vegetables a day can give skin a natural tan-like color within weeks. Doctor Ross Whiteheada university researcher who led the study, explained: “Fruits and vegetables contain pigment called carotenoidswhich, for example, give carrots their orange color and tomatoes their red color. When we eat them, these pigments are deposited on the skingiving it a luminous appearance”.

Whitehead added that an overweight person may need to eat more fruits and vegetables to achieve more glowing skin: “Carotenoid pigments are fat-soluble, meaning they are absorbed by body fat. The more fat is present under the skin, the more the visibility of these pigments could be obscured..


Women often spend a lot of time and money removing unwanted hair of their face. If present in excessive amounts, there may be a health problem. Excessive hair growth on the face and other parts of the body can be caused by a condition called hirsutisma disorder associated with the excessive presence of male hormones in women. This problem has been found mainly in the women of Mediterranean, South Asian, and Middle Eastern descent.

Unwanted hair, especially along the jawthe chin and the upper lipcould be a symptom ofpolycystic ovarya Hormonal imbalance where male hormone levels are too high. Anyway, don’t immediately assume that something is wrong: Excess facial hair may be just a hereditary trait.


The dry skin is a common problem: it can be a seasonal problem or it may be caused by ainsufficient hydration. However, it could also be the result of a bad nutrition or certain pathologies. “Dry skin is a common warning sign of dehydration. It may also indicate a more serious problem affecting the function of the sweat glands, such ashypothyroidism (characterized by insufficient levels of thyroid hormones) or Diabetesthe doctor said Roshin Rajfrom the NYU School of Medicine.

“Other symptoms of hypothyroidism understand sensitivity to cold, weight gain and excessive fatigue. Symptoms of Diabetes include the thirst excessive, frequent urination And Blurred vision. The symptom may also reflect theeczemathe psoriasisthe dermatitis or a allergic reaction to drugs”he added.

In the

Most in the they are usually not cause for concern, but the moment you notice a mole appearing out of nowhere, it’s good to take a closer look. “To be sure, any new mole on the skin should be checked by your dermatologist“, advised Dr. Raj.

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Any asymmetrical mole, with hairs sticking out of it, of a different color or with a diameter greater than 6 millimeters, must be examined by the doctor.. “They can be skin cancers and in some cases they can also be a sign of a genetic disease or syndrome”noted Dr. Raj.

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