Youth and amateur football focus on ethics with CalcioFairPlay Toscana

Pisa, April 5, 2022 – The health emergency has highlighted and highlighted the fundamental social value of football, especially for young people and this responsibility, which has always existed, in this historic moment, may have taken a greater delicacy. It was in this context that CalcioFairPlay Toscana was born: a group, today important and in continuous growth, of sports managers from Tuscan football (all the provinces of the region are represented) who have been able to produce and codify a reference and guide for ethical behavior in the exercise of amateur sporting activities.
CalcioFairPlay Toscana largely involves all the Tuscan provinces and on Monday March 28, it was the city of Pisa which hosted (after Montelupo Fiorentino, Campi Bisenzio and Florence) the fourth regional meeting of the movement in the splendid setting of the Auditorium of the ‘Officine Garibaldi in Via Gioberti . The members of CalcioFairPlay Toscana: Massimiliano Romano (ASD Freccia Azzurra sports director), organizer and introductory speaker of the evening, and Andrea Vaglini (sports director of the youth sector of Montelupo USC) and Francesco Cesari (general manager Rinascita Doccia), in the role of moderators , exposed the history, concepts and projects of the movement, then launched an interesting debate that involved the very wide audience (more than 30 companies from the province of Pisa were represented, but also from Empoli and Florence), interspersed with the interventions of all the political and sports authorities present.
After the greetings of the Mayor of Pisa, Michele Conti, and the adviser to the President of the Tuscany Region, Massimo Pieri, the interventions of the President of the FIGC Regional Committee, Paolo Mangini, and the sincere and sincere reflections of Maurizio Sisia and Luca Romano , respectively president and vice-president of the AIA “R. Gianni ”of Pisa. Interesting ideas for the evening were also proposed by Dante Lucarelli, sports director of the youth sector of Pisa Sc, who together with Luca Serraglini, secretary of the youth sector of the city of Pontedera, represented the professional realities present in the province.
The evening was truly participatory and engaging, the polite and serene debates despite the various issues on youth football, born from the considerations on the code of ethics which have just been presented, were deeply felt and discussed. At the end of the evening, the first CalcioFairPlay Toscana tournament was also presented, which will involve more than 100 companies from all over the regional territory and which will be organized together with CalcioPiù to celebrate the first 40 years of activity of the famous and very popular sports weekly . In short, a really promising evening for CalcioFairPlay Toscana which seems to have ambitious and interesting prospects ahead of it, thanks also and above all to the kindness and novelty of the ideas and reflections proposed.

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